Thursday, February 17, 2011

blog of the impossible

Listening to this song today and believing God for big things. I praying for Joanne Heim for the Simple Wife blog and believing for her COMPLETE healing, I am lifting up Lara Logan who suffered a horrendous attack in Egypt and asking God to be her comfort, her healer, and her Saviour.
I read here a wonderful blog assembled by "Single Dad Laughing", he just asked people to share the impossibly miraculous things that have happened to them. As you read thru the list of healings, provision, and answered prayers you remember (or at least I did) that we serve the God of the impossible!
After some disappointment in the last few years I have been afraid to trust God with big things. Lately He has been stirring my heart to step out again, to trust again, to believe again. We have been praying for big things in our prayer small group, asking for miracles, and seeing them begin to happen. We have been seeing revival and open doors.
God has also been asking me to plan the future again. Not according to my resources, but planning according to what He is putting on my heart. You know it doesn't have to make sense.
Even as I hear peoples stories of disappointment. Families falling apart, pain, failure...a still small voice in my heart says, "Believe!!!" Let's believe God can do it together! He can save our family members that our lost, He can set us free from bondage, use us, provide for us, help us fight when the attacks are exhausting.
If you have been in a place of retreating from the battle. You have held up the white flag of surrender, but it's not pointed at God. You are waving it at the world and the enemy because you have felt to tired to fight and believe anymore. I am praying for you today. Let's get back in the race, let's get back in the battle. Let's believe the God of the impossible to restore, give us vision, and strength. Then, let's go!!!
But, let's not try to do it on our own. It is not our strength, but His power that will help us overcome. I am handing Him control. Every time I feel scared, every time I feel disappointed I keep visualizing a box that holds my issue inside. I hand that box back to God and say, "Only you can do it God. I trust you." I am going to believe HIM for big things and not try to do it myself.


wheatgerm said...

good luck on the healing

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