Monday, November 9, 2009

Reese's Peanut blogger cups and Juju blogs...

Here are some pics from the Hallelujah Party. Thankfully it went great. It is such a blessing to minister and hang out with all the kids and young adults that come to The Light House! We had a ton of junk food, games, a video scavenger hunt that was so fun, and another faulty pinata! I wish I would have gotten more pics, but my camera is terrible during the night time when people are running around! Gramma Joan made my kids awesome costumes. What a blessing. Jack was Luke Skywalker, Jacey was a jester, and Micah was an Ewok. Josh was a little kid, but we joked that his make up made it look like he was going for the joker! The kool-aid mustache didn't quite work out. In fact one of the kids that came to the party asked Josh what he was and when Josh told him he was going for a little kid, the kid answered "what went wrong??" Lol


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