Monday, November 9, 2009

Lift your blog!

Sometimes it is hard for me to get enough prayer and bible time in a week. Between homeschooling, raising three kids, church planting, and sometimes just sheer lack of self-discipline I don't realize that I haven't taken a time out to get refreshed and built up. That is always a recipe for disaster...all of a sudden I am doing everything in my own strength or if I am out the presence of the Lord for too long I lose my desire for HIS desires! Once I no longer want to do His will for my life there goes my peace, joy, purpose, etc.
A few things that save me and bring me back on course are prayer meetings and long times of worship. I am a big believer that when we linger in the presence of God we find life and truth! I believe the lies of the enemy cannot stand up in our minds when we are really praising God with our hearts and voices. I have so many things revealed to me during worship just because my mind was off all the tasks, worries, and distractions, and on God!
Sometimes when I just can't seem to pray I put on a great worship song and just start praising the Lord and soon enough I am able to focus. Some of my greatest times of prayer and worship are in the car by myself. With three kids sometimes that is the only way I can get away, pray, and refocus. These times are often intentional, but sometimes they catch me off guard. A few times even I have seen God force these times. Like the night I had to drive home from Colorado Springs at 3 am because Micah REFUSED to sleep at the hotel we were staying at. What an amazing night that was!
Some of the songs that are really helping draw my heart into worship right now are:

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