Friday, October 23, 2009

prophesy to the dry blogs...

Sooooo...this has been a very dry blog lately! Sorry about that. A friend reminded me today that I promised to update with the miracles God has been doing in our lives since we stepped out in faith.

To be honest it has been hard for me to really nail down my feelings into a post. God had us take this giant step of faith (Josh quitting his job) not just to have us trust Him for finances and grow our faith. He has had us there before, but I think we were in a desperate season. He was trying to teach us so much and there was no way it was all going to register unless everything was stripped away and we could just focus.

In this season Josh has been able to spend his days reading and praying and really get back to why we got into the ministry in the first place. The past few years God has stripped us of our preconceived notions of what a Pastor, leader, church planter, Christian, etc. was. The last few months He has opened our eyes and has been rebuilding our hearts with His vision. It has been amazing. Painful...yes, humbling...yes, exhausting...yes, worthwhile...ABSOLUTELY!

Good things are on the horizon!

I can also say that God has been providing. Donations have come in every time we have really needed them. Our three kids have been fed, our car payments paid, and most recently an unsolicited support check came and paid our mortgage for the month!!!
God is so faithful. I constantly remind myself of that when worry starts to creep up. I catch myself dwelling on Christmas and wondering how in the world we are going give our kids presents or what if we lose the car or what if...
I mean it does seem a little crazy. In this economy why would people to sacrifice to help a small church pastor! But, God has made a way. Even in our little congregation people have stepped up to bless us. One day I was thinking about how my son had outgrown his bike helmet and wishing I could buy him a new one. The next day a friend noticed my son without it on and took it upon herself to get him one without me saying anything! Someone else volunteered to pay for my daughters dance lessons if we couldn't afford them. We have some family members who have bent over backwards to help and encourage us through many different methods.
I want to use this post to say thank you to everyone who has helped us through support and prayer thru this journey. We have amazing friends, family and brothers and sisters in Christ and we love you so much!

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emmyshell said...

Found your blog and am encouraged by your words. My husband is a pastor too. We just moved across the country to help a church. I can completely understand everything your are saying. What a blessing to be in a church and a community where people care.