Saturday, June 14, 2008

Male Pattern BLOGness

As I have been reminiscing back to the last 7 years with Jacey I ran across a funny story in annals of my mind.
I was thinking back to when she was three and Christmas was around the corner. She was excited. We were talking about Santa and presents, but then in the front seat the conversation wandered to another topic. My hubby started talking about the fact that his hair had recently begun thinning.
Jacey got all upset in the backseat.
"I don't want you to go bald!" She cried.

I tried to comfort her. I told her that Daddy wouldn't lose all his hair and that he would still be very handsome.

She then got another idea. One that made her very excited!

"I know I'll ask Santa to bring daddy a wig for Christmas!"

(My husband is gonna kill me when he reads this :) )

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