Monday, June 16, 2008


Jacey and Mommy 2001

So we went to Elitch Gardens amusement park yesterday with our church, The Light House. It was a great day in many ways. We immediately ended up splitting into 3 groups. The older kids who ditched there parents and ran straight to the water park, the singles and parents (the one's whose kids ditched them and were happy for a few free moments with other adults)who went to the rollercoasters and had a great time fellowshipping, and then the parents with little kids who ran all over (soaking wet from 20 rides down Shipwreck Falls) the park toting sunscreen, snacks, giants cups of soda, and 7 stuffed animals that the kids had won! My husband and I made up the last group....

Yesterday I realized how much my life had changed. No longer was I a young and free girl racing to get on as many rollercoasters as possible. Nor was I a single who could spend the time laughing with my friends and making sure my make-up still looked good. On the contrary, yesterday I was pretty much a disaster! It was 90 degrees outside and I had to wear jeans due to the fact that I am nowhere near fitting in my "pre-pregnancy clothes". After the first water ride I spent the entire day wet, wrinkled, and I am pretty sure with mascara running down my cheeks! I didn't have chance to ride any of my favorites rides, but I have noticed they make me sick now anyway!

Yet in my book it was still a perfect day! Watching the joy on my kids faces, hearing them scream experiencing the adrenaline rush of racing through the sky for the first time. I even enjoyed hearing my daughter scream true screams of fear because I knew she had hit a new milestone and this was all part of her growing up! I definately enjoyed sitting next to my four year-old son as he clung to me. "Do you have me mommy?" Of course I did! As safe as I know those rides are I clung to him as tightly as he clung to me!

Some of the best moments of the day were:

Watching my four-year old throw a bean bag at cans and actaully knock them over when the highschoolers next to him couldn't. He won three prizes yesterday on the grown-up games!

The bond I felt with my husband knowing how much we both enjoyed this time with our kids.

Hearing them squeel as we all got soaking wet!

My son repeatedly saying the word "horrible, horrible, horrible" when one of the rides suddenly started racing backwards!

Seeing that my daughter truly can sing and dance all day and not tire of it! She entertained us through the lines with Disney songs:)

My baby's face when I returned home and he was so happy to be with me again even at 8weeks, he knew I was gone. :)

I am glad life isn't all about me anymore!

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