Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BLOGger King and the Incredible Honk

I took my kids to Burger King today and of course my son is always excited to see what toy he will be getting. (He is a tad "toy" obsessed!)

As we pulled thru the drive thru he yelled "Look mom Incredible Honk!" (You know the big green man from the 80's t.v. show?)

As soon as I handed him his bag he ripped into his new "Incredible Honk" toy.

"Moooom," he said warily, "Why is he maked?"

My daughter Jacey answered, "he's not naked Jack, he's wearing pants."

"Oh yeah," Jack replied, "to cover his buns!"

Then Jack got quiet for a moment.

"And to cover his beanie (Jack's self made word for private parts)!"

Then he asked another one of those four year old questions you just don't want to get too deep into.

"Mom does Incredible Honk have a beanie????"

I quickly changed the subject.

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