Sunday, January 2, 2011

Amazing Grace

I witnessed a beautiful thing today. Today at church was bitter sweet. So sweet because God's presence was there encouraging us for all He had in store for 2011, yet bitter because one of our dear sisters in the Lord was having to face the horrible reality that her father had passed away only a few days ago. To compound that pain she discovered him and only got to know him for a short 4 years before his passing.
This godly woman's heart is aching yet she help to lead us all in worship this morning which I know pleased God's heart so much and we could feel God's presence all around as she lifted Him up in spite of her pain. What an amazing testimony of His grace!
I heard a story once of a woman who had lost her child. She was overwhelmed with horrible grief and just trying to make it thru another day. When she couldn't stand the pain anymore she fell to her knees and begged God for the grace He had promised in His word. When she looked up she saw a tapestry on the wall that said, "My grace IS sufficient." Not that it will be but that it is. It is already done. He is working things out that we cannot see or understand and He is with us thru it all.
This morning I couldn't help but think that as we hold onto to our faith in Him, and truly trust that He works ALL things for good, He can truly make beauty from ashes. Our pain will always have a seed of hope.
That thought was confirmed when the church began to pray over this woman who had lost her father. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little figure making their way to front of the sanctuary. It was an autistic girl from our congregation who does not like to touch anyone or to have anyone touch her. I was curious to see what would happen because never know, but she went straight over to the woman we were praying for and laid her hand on her arm. She stood there as we prayed over her to comfort her. This little girl has also experienced the loss of her father in a much different way. It was clear God had told her to go. When the prayer ended she headed back to her seat and told her mom she felt she had to do it.
It was the most beautiful thing to see. Our God speaks the language of the heart. We can hear Him thru pain, illness, loss, even autism. And though both these girl's have lost their earthly father's they will never lose their heavenly Father and His grace is sufficient.


Melody said...

Beautiful. You are an inspiration Marleen. I wish I had known how to be a better friend in High School. We have both grown so much since then. Happy New Year!


Melody, I always felt like you were a great friend. You very inspirational. :)