Monday, March 29, 2010

Hit by a blog

The other day Micah ran out in the middle of the street. While I was busy taking pictures of him. I got the shot and looked up to see where he was and of course I freaked and ran to grab him.

I made me think about the times I have been upset because God has stopped my plans. I was going along feeling perfectly fine and then God takes my hand and leads me kicking and screaming in the other direction. I saw adventure, fun, and maybe even blessing, but God saw danger and asked me to step back to safety.

Even these last six months of living without a steady income was God pulling us back to a safe place. We were barreling down the path. Josh working full time, ministry up to our ears with church planting. We didn't realize it was a runaway train because it was all necessary. Or it least it felt like it was. When God asked us to stop and just rest in his arms for awhile it felt so scary. We rationalized it was because he was going to do something great in our ministry or call us somewhere else. (You see just like Micah we were looking for the next road to cross!) But in reality he just wanted us to hang out at home for awhile.

Now in hindsight as Josh returns to work and this season comes to an end. I see very clearly how much we needed a season of rest. The kids needed time with their dad, Josh needed to explore some things in himself, our marriage needed some TLC. You see 6 months ago we thought we were on an adventure and were content to keep plugging away, but God could see the destruction that could have come down the road.

It is so important as Christians that we listen to God's warnings. We can easily rationalize that God can "work out" a possibly dangerous situation because He is God. So we run ahead (and usually regret it.) Thankfully, His still, small voice is faithful to ask us to slow down or even stop when necessary. We can idealize things, but He is the way, the truth, and the life. He truly does know what best.

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