Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smorgablog Part 2

More things kids say... (taken from my Facebook status)

Convo with Jack "So God gets to pick what I will be when grow up?" Me- "Yes, but don't worry He knows you the best and will pick the perfect thing for you." Jack- "I sure hope he doesn't pick dentist!" Me- "Why?" Jack- "boooring, all they do is check out people's teeth all day!"Read More
August 11 at 12:34pm

He also hoped God wouldn't pick a guy who cuts down trees or a pizza maker.
August 11 at 12:35pm
Caught Micah dragging puppy across the floor by a fistfull of fur. The poor dog didn't do anything, she just went along with it!
August 3 at 8:34pm

Micah is a starbucks addict. He is walking around with a vivanno and won't let anyone touch it and he keeps saying "mmmmm".
August 3 at 4:29pm

From the mouth of Jack..."ahh a bug!! Somebody get me my gun."
July 20 at 6:43pm

Jackson eyeing the storm clouds. "Looks like there's gonna be a brain storm!"
July 13 at 8:51pm

Aww Micah learned how to give a kiss and say "Love u too" in the same day!
June 20 at 8:52pm

Sam's rolling every where...
June 15 at 1:48pm

is at Jack's first gymnastics class... He won't stop jumping up and down on the springy floor...he looks like a little pogo stick
June 8 at 3:59pm

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