Saturday, June 6, 2009


I doubt anybody is interested, but for my own records I am going to put some of my favorite facebook status (statuses, stati?) on my blog. I want to remember the things my kids say and life's little crazy moments...since I usually share them thru facebook I am gonna copy and paste some of my favorites.

1. Got all three kids dressed, loaded in car, drove half an hour to the mall. Got out the stroller, got out all three kids...realized Micah had a BLOW OUT that turned 80 % of his clothes a nice shade of yellow. Loaded everything back up and went home.
June 1 at 12:49pm

2. I must share a Jack story. Jack fell down and thru his tears he said "now would be a good time to hold me!!!"
May 21 at 5:09pm

3. Jacey said " I always have hangovers!" (She was talking about hang nails.)
May 17 at 7:11pm

4. Devotions with the kids this morning. Me- "Jack do you wanna pray for Obama?" Jack- "His name is Barack Obama you know!"... Jack- "Dear Lord please help Barack Obama make the right recisions and if he doesn't let the other guy win." (I think we may still need to touch on the political process some in homeschooling! lol)
May 13 at 4:06am

5. just looove diaper blow out...the carpet and my pants really love it too. YUCK!
May 6 at 9:40am ·

6. Can't find my contacts...wearing glasses that my dog so nicely has chewed to smithereens...even the little nose paddy things are gone.
May 3 at 4:43pm ·

7. I asked Jack what color light saber he would have...he said "Blue" I asked him if it was blue for valor or blue for truth. He said, "ummm, actually it's blue for fighting!" Of course :)
May 2nd at 10:26 pm

8. Jacey just said, "Grrrr! Everyone I know is 9!!! I drives me nuts!!!" I ask "Why?" She says "Because it makes me feel like a child!!!"
April 30 at 10:15am

9. Jackson told me yesterday "Mom I wish I could marry you. Too bad THAT GUY got you first!"
April 24 at 9:42am

10. Murphy's law... go to the gym with no make-up and food on your shirt = see someone from highschool.
April 15 at 9:27am

11. Jacey sang "I love rock n roll, put another dollar in the juice box baby!" lol
April 8 at 11:13pm

12. Jack tried to convince me not to cut his fingernails because he is trying to grow "Wolverine claws"!
April 8 at 1:47pm

13. My husband has a great laugh. I am listening to him talk to a close friend on the phone and his laugh is making me smile! :)
April 4 at 12:28pm

14. Jackson told me today that he is thankful God healed his "spicy buns". I don't even want to know....
March 28 at 6:35pm

15. Ohhhh Awesome. It's only 1 am and Micah has already woken up twice. He is wide awake playing with his teething tablets right now. It's gonna be a long...
March 25 at 12:57am

16. Jack said "daddy has nerds of steel!"
March 18 at 2:41pm

The things kids say are truly the best!


Ames said...

okay this had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD this morning at 6 am... lolololol... and then I read Josh's recent status messages about Jack wishing that he had the force and Jacey commenting on how Micah was throwing up his french fries and enjoying them a second time... i cannot WAIT to see you guys in a week :)

Irene said...

LOL. SO funny. 'That guy' and 'juice box'. Perfection. Miss you all. It's Sunday, did you go to Chili's?

Sara G said...

I love reading your blog, Marlene! Your reflections on family and the moments that make life special are so heartwarming. They help me to realize that you don't have to be someone "important" to have a wonderful, meaningful life. I hope you continue to be blessed and to keep sharing it with us!

~ Sara