Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My friend Rachel and I headed up to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo last week. It is so beautiful. It is in CO Springs on a mountain side. You get to feed the giraffes. They eat right out of your hand! It's so neat. I befriended a hippo. He wanted to come home with me I am pretty sure...must of thought we were related. :) Also we watched a Gorilla interact with it's toddler which was hysterical. The little gorilla was acting like it was big stuff...beating it's chest and all, but everytime it's mama walked away it would chase after her. A Baboon had a brand new baby and was feeding it. She got quite territorial when Rachel tried to stand on a railing and get a peek! It was a nice day, lots of laughs, some talk about God, and a trip to Cracker Barrel. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah AND it was 70 degrees. :)

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