Wednesday, March 11, 2009

blogged out of my mind...

In theory the Disney Expo downtown sounded fun. In reality not so much. Atleast not for the grown-ups. It was one of those Chucky Cheese experiences where you feel like you have had a lobotomy by the end. The kids had a pretty good time though and we got to hang out with some good friends. :)

Jacey holding "Rosie" the tarantula. I don't know where this kid gets her guts from...certainly not me or her dad!!GIANT sweatball Jack...he spent the day jumping, jumping, and more jumping.
Sabrina, David, and Jacey braved the rock climbing wall in style. :)

Roberto carrying Micah around. They are buddies.

The girls got there hair done :). Sabrina is getting the "Princess Rock Star."

Roberto and Natasha
Roberto has his 'lobotomy face' on. He got it about 30 seconds after we walked in.
Jacey with the full on "Rock Star"

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