Monday, January 26, 2009

Beauty and the Blog (Our trip to Disney)

We finally went to Disney World! What a trip! Not quite the relaxing getaway I was hoping for, but definitely a great time. It is quite exhausting taking 3 kids to Disney World. Just getting on the airplane is an adventure. Most people can get thru security with one bin of stuff. We had 8! Plus a stroller.
I fell asleep every night at 8pm Colorado time due to sheer exhaustion. Between walking around for 12 hours everyday, running through the park to get fast passes, and carrying a 20 lb. baby around you would think I would have lost weight on this trip...nope I gained 5 lbs. Apparently the meals had about a billion calories to cancel out the insane about excercise we were getting. Or I have the metabolism of a slug, but that's a different blog!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my 500 Disney pictures. :)

Night 1- Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (or the Bibbidi Bobbidi Booty as Jack calls it) and a make-over for Jacey.

She opted for the "Pop Diva Princess", which involved purple eyeshadow, purple nail polish and a great purple hair piece that made her look the Cher in the 80's. All for the bargain price of $59.99!

Jackson is patiently trying to wait for his trip to Lego Land.

Day 2- MGM Studios

Micah is really enjoying himself. He has no idea that he is in for 5 days with no naps in his bed! :)

I love this picture of little Jackson!

The Indiana Jones "Stunk" Show
(again a Jackism)

We ate lunch at the Sci-Fi Drive In. It was so cute. It is dark and you eat in little cars and watch old sci-fi movies. Again it was such a bargain. The kids drink were only $6.95!!!

Amazing car and motorcycle stunt show.
Day 3- Magic Kingdom
You will see we are completely bundled up. The temperature dropped to the 40's-30's. It was FREEZING! I got a cheerful text telling me it was 70 in Denver! :>0

On the ferry headed over to the Magic Kingdom. Please check out the bird in the pic below! lol

Lunch at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends.

please notice Eeyore whacking Micah's head into the table! :)

A Parade thru the Restaurant.

Day 4- Epcot

Jack got sick of greeting the characters. He spent most of Day 4 begging to go to the hotel and play Legos. What kid does that at Disney world?? Jack does of course. He's always got his own little agenda. :)
Mary Poppins was in England. Josh LOVED touring the world at Epcot. He ate at every single country. He was probably sampling some fish and chips right about now!
Alice in Wonderland
Jack was afraid of most the rides. I bribed him by buying him guns. I told him he to go on whatever I said for the rest of the day if I bought him something. I made him go on BIg Thunder Railroad. He loved it, but not as much as he loved shooting everyone with these guns. :/
Beauty and the Beast in France. Josh was probably eating pastries right about now! :)

Aladin and Jasmine. Josh snuck off to Germany to sample a Bratwurst...

Day 5- Animal Kingdom and back to MGM

Animal Kingdom is so great. This was the amazing Safari. They also have agreat roller coaster and a cool 3-D Bugs Life show.

Last Day- back to Magic Kingdom for a Princess breakfast at the castle. We only stayed for a few hours and then went swimming and shopping at the outlets. The kids literally could not walk by the end of the day. It was so sad!
Knight Jackson
Knight Micah eating his wishing star.
Sleeping Beauty

Jack really liked Belle. :)

Sword fight!

Poor's been a rough week. He handled it like a trooper! Such a mellow baby. :)
Snow White.
She was my favorite. She was so cute and funny!

Jack decided to get his face painted.

As you can see he loved it when he looked in the mirror.

His super hero pose. Showing off the guns. :)

Jacey is a Forest Fairy.
Minnie's house. So cute. My dream house is a mix between Minnie's house and the Liberty area at Disney...what does that say about me???

Doing some work in Mickey's Garage!

My monkeys.
Daddy and Jacey went to the haunted Mansion, so Jack and I got a Funnel cake.

During this time of bonding I asked him what his super hero name was...
his response...
King Glitter!:)
That's all folks!! This blog took HOURS!!!


Ames said...

love it!!! awesome pics, keep posting them :) miss you guys!

Ames said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! it was so much more awesome when i actually waited until you were done to jump on and start commenting ;-)

Kay said... had a great trip! We went at THanksgiving and never needed more than a lightweight hoodie tho.would be harder with little guys in the cold. My pics and stories are under the travel label on my blog.

Nice to meet you! :)

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL pictures!!! It looks like the kids had a blast!

Erika said...

You make me quite envious for a little girl! She looked like she ate it up, I loved all the face painting pics. Sad that the weather was crummy.

sisu1971 said...

Hey Colorado Carroll family~!!! I loved these photos. Lee, Asher and I were there at the beginning of January-and we were noticing all of the same places we went. We love the photos. It brought back memories- Asher also got his face painted as a Forest Fairy! ha ha....I did make him sit through the Little Mermaid show- after that he and Lee had to man up by going on the Tower of Terror... just in case their masculinity was in question. Love you guys and miss you much. Cannot wait to hug that gorgeous 'little' baby of yours.... Shannon

Debra Moses said...

Love the pics!!!!! Thanks for sharing them!

All this talk of Disney and Ethan's itching to go when we visit his Grandmother in FL in March. :)