Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Dad, I'm not a blogular!"

(you must read to the end!)
One or more of my kids wakes us up with some sort of emergency every night. If it's not a hungry baby, it's a bad dream, or someone is thirsty, or someone has a head cold...or my least favorite, the dreaded stomach flu!
We are pretty big softies and we have a big bed so we usually let the little offender climb in with us and then we endure a long night of being kicked and elbowed by little appendages. (On a side note how can someone so small take up an ENTIRE king sized bed????)
I don't remember any nights cozying up with my parents after a scary dream or while I was sick. I learned quite early this wasn't an option. You see one night after a particularly bad dream I padded down the hallway to get some comfort from my parents. I remember feeling quite nervous that they weren't gonna be happy with the interruption, but I was really scared.
I quietly tapped a few times on thier door, but when I heard my dad mumble from inside I froze. I guess it was the after effects of the bad dream, but I was too petrified to move! My dad called out a little louder asking who it was, but I couldn't answer.

The next thing I know the door swings open and there is my dad in his UNDERWEAR with a SHOT GUN in his hands!!!!

Apparently they thought I was a couple of burgulars and the light tapping sound was their code! Needless to say I never tried to sleep with them again!

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Debra Moses said...

That's flippin HILARIOUS :-D ,and at the same time, my heart goes out to you!! We definitely need our parents during those times. I wasn't allowed in their bed either (my Dad in particular did NOT tolerate my little appendages hitting him:)). When I was allowed, I'd sleep on the tile floor next to their bed, just so I didn't have to be alone.

I truly admire your choice to parent differently! It can't be easy parenting in a way that's foreign to what you experienced.

Keep the hilarious stories coming! :-D