Monday, August 15, 2011


Homeschooling started last week. Every night I was completely exhausted. I am teaching a Freshman in high school, a gifted 10 year old, a 7 year old with dyslexia, and a 3 year old. The first week was pretty overwhelming!

Here are some of the games I am playing with my 3 year old and 7 year old. Planting seeds in the toddler, while reviewing and strengthening the mental pictures for my 7 year old picture thinker!

Bendaroo letters:

Everyday we are using Bendaroos and the boys are layering them on top of letters I have written. We do the letters that my older son is having troubles with visually and the new letter sounds my 3 year old is learning.

Today were the sounds MMMMM and SSSSS, along with recognizing the difference between b and d, and reviewing n and y.

This has been working great because it helps my preschooler with dexterity and the lets my picture thinker use his hands. They can run their fingers over the finished letters which also helps stimulate the brain to remember. Then they get some free time to build whatever they want with their bendaroos. :)

The next game we play is Sight Word Search:

I write sight words on index cards with crayons. Again I use the crayon because it has a texture that my dyslexic son can trace with his finger to help with the memory of it. They say the words out loud, trace it. My 7 year old also enjoys closing his eyes and trying to write it in the air.

I have 2 of each index card and then I hide all the words around the room. The kids go in search of their cards. When they find one they have to shout out the word. They love this and often want to play it several times. It really is helping both of them with their sight words!

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