Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smorgablog 3

Micah and Grace keep jumping in the baby pool yelling "candy ball!!!". I tried to tell them it was "cannon ball". Micah said "cannon ball??? Yuck!!!". And Grace just looked at me like I was nuts and jumped back in yelling "Candy Baaaaaallll!!!" lol July 8th 2011

Ummmmm Micah just called my bra "boobie goggles" July 5th 2011

Me: "Hey Jack, what do you think you want to wear to the wedding?"
Jack: "Well, I was thinking a tux."
Me: "Oh that would be nice, but it's an outdoor wedding. I think it's pretty casual."
Jack: "Alright then, I guess a nice sweater vest, or maybe my han solo shirt." June 9th 2011

My favorite days can never be planned, they come out of nowhere. Today makes the list, a long walk with the kids on a wooded trail that included a mishap with concrete, tormenting roly polies, a picnik, floating boats in a creek and a discovery of a rope swing over the creek. Fun for hours. :) I love my kids. :) June 2nd 2011

Jacey and I just walked thru a giant thing of wet concrete by accident!!!! June 2nd 2011

Jacey "I think that guys makes fun of his brother because he was made fun of when he was little."
Jack "Ackward, He's passing on his pain." June 1st 2011

"I weally like Caterpickles" Micah. I think he meant caterpillars... May 13th 2011

Having fun playing with our pet "raps"as Micah calls them. May 11th 2011

So I have a little problem, Micah truly believes that Khalid Minkah Barnes is Jesus. He talks about Jesus all the time...Not sure how to explain that one to him!! May 9th 2011

When Tevye mentions Abraham from the bible in fiddler on the roof my 7 yr old jack asked me, "is he talking about Abraham Lincoln??!!" May 7th 2011

It is so cute that Jack is so obsessed with the Titanic. He draws elaborate pictures, builds the Tianic out of Legos. Spends ho urs trying to sink models in the bathtub. (My bathtub is constantly littered with rocks, bricks, papers lol. He even had me download the Titanic soundtrack so he can listen to it while he works on his stuff. It is very sad classical music! What is this??? :) April 21st 2011

Ahhh nothing better than falling into a cozy bed after a long day only to be peed on 5 minutes later..... April 16th 2011

so I am in TROUBLE! Micah took off his pants and pooped on the floor. I came to get him and said, "Micah Josiah!" Very sternly. He stared me down and said , "I'm KING Josiah!!" I gave him a look only moms can give and he sweetly said, "Your king Josiah???" April 5th 2011

So Josh has decided to become a crazy couponer...you know what that means...I have to become a crazy couponer... March 14 2011

Jack "Mom why do zombies wear business suits?"
Me "Well, Zombies are made up creatures, so they just wear whatever the person who made them up wants them to wear."
Jack "Well they mostly wear business suits and that creeps me out."

Then he proceeded show me how zombies dance which was completely hysterical..... March 11 2011

Slightly frightened myself when I looked in the mirror this morning. I bore a resemblance to Meatloaf...the rocker, not the food. March 9th 2011

Micah is such a naughty 2 year old. I tucked him into bed and then came downstairs to get some work done. I catch him a little while later in the living room playing trains. I told him to go back to bed and he said, "no, I'm busy!" Feb 21st 2011

Boys...Micah is playing trains and at 2 he is already infatuated with sending the trains careening off embankments and acting like all the people inside are screaming. What is that??? Feb 12 2011

Okay so I officially scarred my kids for life. I put on an animal documentary this morning. It started out all cute and sweet and then a male lion massacred a bunch of baby cubs. :( Feb 3rd 2011

What Jack learned in sunday school.
"God led them with a killer of fire and killer of smoke." Jan 30 2011

Conversation with Micah...
"Okay Micah, your gonna be wearing undies today. Where do you goo pee pee?"
"uhhh, I go pee pee in my buns!"
"No Micah, WHERE do you go peepee?"
"Ohhhh, my weiner!!"
"yes, that's where it come from where does it GO??"
"the potty?" Jan 29th 2011

Sweet 2 year old Micah was so concerned about me last night. He refused to sleep he just rubbed my arm and back while I was throwing up. I love my kids. Jan 11 2011

The theme song to the office came on and Jack said,"I love this song, it's catchy." Jan 1 2011

"My hips aren't feeling on the bright side." Jack :) Dec 28 2010

"God is good. Good is good. Good is great." Jacey Carroll age 2 Dec 2 2010

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