Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Don't feed the blog at the table...

A few days ago Josh and I got a flyer in the mail for The Lighthouse...it was kind of surreal seeing that name again a year after the church closed. I checked out the site and found a blog by the Pastor that really ministered to me to day so I want to share it.

Check it out here.

The main point of the blog is that sometimes we get hyper focused on the creation and not our Creator, or that we get so tunnel visioned that we start seeing way to small.

In the blog he talk about how when he tries to feed his dogs sometimes they don't see where he threw the food. Instead they just keep licking his fingers instead of letting the finger point them to the thing that is truly good!
Talk about conviction, that is ME lately. I have been hyper focused on the desires of my heart and not on my Savior. I am looking for some sort of instant gratification and instead keep coming up disappointed because I am looking in the wrong place. It seems like such an easy concept to grasp, but it is amazing how quickly I have warped a God given desire into an idol. Forgive me Lord!
Last January while sitting in a worship service God poured out vision into me. He showed me the next steps for the Creator's Stage and He has opened up doors to confirm those things. Yet 7 months later I have been stewing in frustration because instead of staying at the place where the vision came (a place of waiting on Him, a place of surrender, a place of fellowship with my Jesus) I started to worship the VISION or the calling and wanted that to satisfy me which it never will.
Anyway, I wanted to share all this in case anyone else needed that reminder today. I am so thankful for a merciful God!


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