Wednesday, January 12, 2011

make beblogging

Here is a Youth Group Room I am daydreaming I could do for my church. Click on the image to see the full room.


Melody said...

Wow, I opened Olioboard and saw two of your designs featured right at the top! Way to go, they are awesome. Sorry if I helped you just blow lots of hours of time. I sure have. I could do this Olioboard stuff for days! You sure are talented. Great rooms. I wish I could pick your brain about homeschooling. I don't think I will do it, but I guess it depends on where we end up moving in 3 years. I know my oldest has to be around more kids and away from me for a few hours a day to stay sane. But my other two might like to be homeschooled. We will see. I just popped on your daughters blog for a second. How cute that she has a blog. She looks like a great girl.


You are welcome to shoot me any questions you have about homeschooling. One great book was written by Lisa Welchel it is an easy read and it has a bunch of stories from different moms in different situations about homeschooling. I love it because it allows me to cultivate my kids strengths. It is hard at times, but also fun!