Monday, March 29, 2010

blogging bubbles

I have to admit this week I have fantasized about about sending the kids back to school. I have dreamily imagined an entire afternoon to myself. A house that is clean and stays clean for longer than ,oh, five minutes. But, how can I give up days like this. On this day we shirked off some of our usual lessons and went outside to blow bubbles...we also made magnets and wrote poems out of cut out words from a magazine. I love all the little memories we create together as a family.

It would be great though if they could have SPRING FOR HOMESCHOOLERS that consisted of the kids going to school for the entire week so I could get just a teeny break!


Phan Đỗ Kim Nguyên said...

your children look like angels! I haven't had baby yet, (actually i'm still single) but i'm in a big love with my lovely first niece. i also want to learn more about homeschooling. nice to see your blog!

Martha J. Lee said...

we home school too, and I've had the same fantasy! LOL