Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today I am thankful that God cares about the small things. There so many big things in my life that are up the air. SO many, really big things. God has pretty much been silent on all of them. In my finite mind I think it is because He wants to grow my faith, to teach me trust, maybe to teach me to rejoice in my sufferings and not let my feelings dictate everything. Of course I am still in the middle of the lesson so it could be about something completely different!
This week sort of culminated in a crisis of my faith. I hadn't been in a service for awhile due to the blessing of teaching Sunday school, I got sick, and a few other natural things that were out of my control hit this week. The physical, emotional, and spiritual battles all came together in one week and I felt like I had a ginormous weight on my shoulders pushing me into despair.

To top it all off I lost my favorite necklace. I searched everywhere and could feel my temperature rising every time I looked a new place and came up empty handed. Everything became so overwhelming that I just had to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

I drove around praying and listening to worship music feeling completely defeated. I prayed about everything that has been bothering me lately and still didn't feel much of an answer from the Lord, but when I started praying about my necklace the flood gates opened. It's not just any necklace. It is a necklace that my husband bought for me last time we were living by faith. He worked a secret extra job to afford it and the necklace is a constant reminder to me that I am loved not only by my husband, but by God because at a time when all our money should have gone for PRACTICAL THINGS they both worked together to let me know I was treasured and important.
I prayed with all my heart that God would help me find my necklace. I got an image of an obscure place in my bathroom and quickly dismissed it because I believed I would never have put it there. After calming down and running some errands I came home feeling a tiny bit refreshed, but still pretty fragile in the faith area.
This morning I remembered I still hadn't found my necklace and started to feel upset all over again, but I remembered the image I got while praying and decided to check there. Sure enough THE NECKLACE was there!
This has encouraged me so much. That the God of the universe cared enough to help me find my necklace. It has reminded me of my assurance that surely if he cares enough to help me find my necklace then HE WILL NOT ABANDON ME in the other big areas I am leaning on Him.
My future, my family, my walk with Him are all secure.


Shauna Shaw said...

I like this statement, "In my finite mind I think it is because He wants to grow my faith, to teach me trust, maybe to teach me to rejoice in my sufferings and not let my feelings dictate everything." I SO needed that... I am feeling so defeated today and so just, burnt out. Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the other reason that this meant so much. The first time it disappeared was because Jack flushed it down the toilet!

You cried and prayed for a day following. We decided to check the toilet one last time and, lo and behold, it was there! It wasn't the previous times I checked.

He cared enough to bring it back the first time and the second time. Thank you Lord.

Kay said...

I just love this! God has done that with me before too... I can be all frantic and a wreck and pray and then I can walk right to the missing thing etc. And it does renew the soul... the God of the universe cares!

Love your blog! : )

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful message!!!
...and I love how you quoted Disney's Aladdin in the title... =)