Friday, August 7, 2009

Picking bloggies!

I had the privilege of taking some of my favorite people in the world to one of my favorite places in the world! Some of my Sunday school class came with me to Berry Patch Farms! :)The sweet and beautiful Laura came with us too.

Jacqueline with Micah- she has a very motherly heart. :)

Jose :)

David and Bacon...she was resting in front of the door to the little store blocking the way! lol

Sabrina :)

Alejandro on the tractor to the berry fields


Alejandro found the biggest berries of the day.
Love the picture below!

i think maybe Jose ate a few! ;)

Micah sampling the berries.

At first he wasn't so sure and spit them out...
But after another try...
Sammy and his fake berry blood.
So after another try he was eating so many that Laura had to give him every other one she picked!

Oops Moving to slow I'll just take one from here!

Uh oh...someone found out that berries squish nicely!

Dropping lunch on the ground and watching chickens eat it...


Flowers for their Mom's
Miraculously Bacon can walk!
I've had enough fun for one day!!!

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