Friday, August 7, 2009

Blog to the Farm

The kids took a class at Berry Patch Farm this year. Micah and I hung out while they learned about dirt and soil. This has to be one of my favorite places. :) Micah ate some dirt

Believe it or not this is the same pig Jacey was trying to pick up last year...Bacon.
The poor thing is so fat it can barely walk!

Dirty hands from building mud bricks.
Jack hates it when his hands are dirty!

The tree fell out of the blue the night before. They were thankful it fell at night and not the day before when families were sitting at the picnic tables underneath it!

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Randypants said...

Oh my gosh! Bacon Bits (the pig) has gotten HUGE! When I took photos of him last October he was much, much smaller. Apparently Tim is feeding him well :) Your children, as always, are beautiful. Don't feed them as much as Tim feeds the pig :)