Thursday, June 4, 2009


I think it's interesting how my favorite family memories are not the well planned big events. I am always surprised when all of a sudden they appear out of no where. Not planned, just an amazing moment of bonding. Like laying on a blanket blowing bubbles or randomly deciding to make lunch a picnic instead of eating at the same old table.
Last night we had an impromtu family slumber party in the living room. Daddy had been working late all this week and after we put the kids to bed we kept hearing little footprints in the hallway telling us they just wanted to be close to him. So we brought out all the blankets and put on the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice hoping they would fall asleep.

I realized last night would be one of my favorite family memories while I was cuddling with my son Jack on the couch. We were staring at a moth on the ceiling and I said we should go to the "Butterfly Pavillion."
He wrapped his little arms around me and said, "I hope the butterflies are beautiful just like you mommy."

Officially one of my all time favorite moments and I expect it will be forever. I am glad I didn't just tell them to get in bed!!

(Amazingly enough, moments after I wrote this blog the kids on their own decided to play fairies outside, so I got butterfly pictures to go along with my story!

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Erika said...

I think it's hilarious that you put on Pride and Prejudice to put them to sleep! That version is in my top 5 movies. I love the butterfly pics!