Monday, September 8, 2008

Edward Scissorblogs

Hmmm...I homeschooled for 5 hours today and then I went and layed in my bed to feed the baby...2 hours later I woke up! I walked out of my room and my son looked at me with horror on his face. He said sternly, "Look what puppy did!!" (There was shredded paper all over the floor.) I would have believed him if he had not continued on, trying to pad his story with facts. (4 year-old made up facts are the best.) He said, "She used her claws and sssssst!" He made a sound and action akin to Freddy Kruger slicing through something.

I asked him, "Jaaaack did you do that?" One headshake no.

"Jaaaack?" The no shake slowed down and turned into a yes.

"Sorry, Mom."

So after we went over why it is bad to lie, I walk up the stairs and see cut up pieces of foam everywhere. And in his room... a ravaged necklace, made from pasta and favorite necklace he made for me. :(

He had cut up each piece of pasta into little tiny pieces with the big scissors!!

Wait! I am not finished! Before you gasp and wonder what kind of horrible mother is so careless that she falls asleep while her four year-old is perfecting his Edward Scissorhands impersonation with THE BIG SCISSORS...

As I was picking up the mess I heard a bark...coming from outside...coming from the FRONT YARD. Yes our puppy somehow got out and was barking at the front door to be let in...for who knows how long...

Alright commence sighing and wondering!

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