Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A is for Apple, B is for Blog

Well, we have begun homeschooling! It is going great. Jacey is eating up every minute, almost acting as though she is playing a part in a movie about homeschooling.
Jackson on the other hand...what can I say. He is definately enjoying it, but man oh man is he cracking me up!
Yesterday we spent 20 minutes on the letter A, we looked at pictures of the letter A, played with blocks with the letter A on them, drew the letter A, glued noodles onto the letter A...when I asked him at the end what letter we had been working on he said "P". This could be a long year.

His "Creative coloring" is also verrrry funny. I bought a hard back book for him to color in so I keep all his little drawings as a momento. I should probaly post some pictures of his masterpieces because they are so funny. His latest works of art consist of page after page of battle scenes. My favorite being one of a man with a gun spraying bullets everywhere and a huge smile on his face. All around him are bodies with x's for eyes! I asked him why the man with the gun was so happy. He said, "because he killed them."
I didn't know whether to laugh or be frightened!! (He had just watched the new Star Wars cartoon, so I think that's where it came from!)

Homeschooling is definately an adventure!

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