Friday, August 8, 2008

Drop a Blog

So I have gone back and forth about posting this story, but it is a day in my life so I just have to!

My little Jackson has yet again said something mind boggling!

We were at the movie theatre and he had to go "potty", so we head to the bathroom. He walked into the first stall and abrupltly turned around announcing "TOO DIRTY!" So we head to the next stall which he enters and again, abruptly turns around.

This time he announces
(Yikes, I didn't want to know what in the world he saw!)

Thankfully the next stall was to his liking.


Dayna said...

That is a horrifying story, but I am so impressed with the art you're using to illustrate it. :) You're wuite the photoshop pro.

Lonni said...

ha! and I liked the flair you made to illustrate....sick but really funny! still can't get over Micah's chub. all your kids are amazing.