Monday, July 7, 2008

BLOGmusement Part duex!

Today will be more of a photo blog than anything else. I guess my last few blogs have been that way. I have been a little more busy and some definate blog-worthy moments have happened, but the problem is if I don't write them down or blog them IMMEDIATELY, they are gone forever!!! Replaced by some non-important task list.

Anyway, this weekend we had the priveledge of have adorable Sir Leo and his equally awesome parents stay with us! We don't get to see the Whites often, but we treasure the moments we do get to spend with this family! They are the family you find when you look up "nice" in the dictionary. They always have a listening ear, a funny story,or a compliment to give away. They are so easy-going and helpful, we just loooove them!

On the 4th of July we decided to yet again brave Elitch's, the amusement park. We did make some fun family memories that were almost worth the heat stroke we endured! :)
Jacey and Leo in the airplanes!
My incredibly handsome husband, who has already lost his pregnancy ain't fair:(
"Why so Serious?" Jack loves shooting guns!!
2 of my boys! (ever notice nobody ever offers to take a picture of mom????)
Uncle Josh and Cousin Leo in the Monster Trucks!
My boy smiling thru the heat
Big boy rides!
They look a little nervous don't they???
Little Leo flirting with the camera.
My favorite things Leo says at age 2...
"Mama dowon't!" (He knows exactly what he wants when he wants it!)
"I have a Poot!" (translation-"I have something foriegn, smelly, and uncomfortable in my diaper. Can you remove it please.)
And my all time favorite "Uh oh. Uh oh, Clean it!!!" Which was said in a desperate voice when some of his ketchup got on the table! If only my kids cared for cleanliness that much! Heck, if only I cared about cleanliness that much!!!!
Or even better if only I had someone I could say "uh oh, clean it!!" to. That would be great!

Tired boy

Uh oh, the meltdowns begin!!

What kind of mom puts her son in time out and uses it as a photo op??!!! (me)

Jacey looking up very nervously at the big roller coasters.

As nervouse as she was she managed to brave a big roller coaster with me! The whole time she screamed, "Mom, how could you do this to meeeeeeeeee!?"

Baby Micah slept the whole time! This is the only picture he would give me! :)

It looks to me like he saying "Ma, get that thing out my face. Can't you see I'm napping?!"

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