Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blog Wild- A day at the farm!

Jacey and "Bacon"

Today we went to Berry Patch Farm. It was a great day! We picked flowers and berries, dug up carrots and played with "Bacon", the baby pot belly pig! (Yes, the sickos named the poor pig BACON!!!) After our day at the farm we went home and made dinner together with our fresh ingredients.

(Stay tuned at the end of our broadcast for a special presentation of "A day in the stroller by Micah Carroll".)

And without further adieu, "A day at the farm!!!"

Farmer Jacey

Jackson cutting some flowers

Tractor ride to the strawberry fields

Picking strawberries

beautiful, peaceful day

Jack touching the warm "cozy" (as he calls it) dirt!

Digging up carrots

washing the carrots

We decorated the table with our flowers

Jackson pinched the ends off the green beans and tore up the fresh basil

Jacey cleaned the carrots and set the table (and pretended she was a chef on the Food Network the whole time! :))

Mommy cut up the vegetables, made the spaghetti, burnt the carrots, and her finger!!!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun day! I just love that first pic of Jacey!