Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blog eyed Willie and Captain Jack!

A warning has been issued to all of Blogland to be on the look out for two scurvy PIRATES!
They are considered extremely cute, but EXTREMELY dangerous!
They are wanted for the following:
  • Plundering valuables, including but not limited to, breakables, money, junkfood, sleep, freetime, and patience.
  • endless bickering
  • not going to bed on time
  • splashing in the bath tub
  • not eating their vegetables
  • spilling cherry kool-aid on the carpet
  • putting dog food down the bathroom sink's drain and causing a clog

If you come across either of these wily criminals be forewarned, they can talk you into buying them toys before you know whats happening. (It happened just today!)

Captain Jack is the younger of the two pirates. He is also know as "Heartbreaker."

He was last heard duping some poor fool by saying, "I promise I'll be careful" and "just one more minute??"

Some of his identifying features are flaming red hair, bright blue eyes, and extremely chubby feet. (See below.)

The oldest of the pirates is a lady. She is the leader. She is known to have magical powers. DO NOT LOOK INTO HER EYES!!! If you do you will become mesmerized and be unable to defend yourself or do any punishing!!!

If you come across these two take extreme percaution and whatever you do, DO NOT BUY THEM TOYS!!! You will be broke before you know it!


Jennifer said...

That was SO awesome!!! Marleen, you totally inspire me! :)

Ames said...

SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shanna said...

That had me cracking up! What a great idea Marleen!