Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't eat your BLOGgers!

Why oh why do kids insist on eating their boogers? I can feel my gag reflex going even as I type this. One day I caught my son picking his nose and of course...eating it. I begged him stop, threatening everything I could think of. "Jack there's germs in there!" (He's a idea why. One day he came home from preschool terrified of "germs".) He continued chewing. "Jack," I continued,"your boogers have germs and...BUGS in them and they are going to get in your tummy and make you sick!" That got his attention! "What do you want me to do with them?" He asked. Then I made a big mistake. In desperation I replied
"I don't know just wipe them somewhere!"

I am going to live to regret that.

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