Saturday, June 21, 2008

A BLOG's Life's another post about Jackson. His four year old mind just kills me!
Here's a conversation from yesterday...

Jack-"Mama, I'm finking about what my favorite bug is."

Me-"What's you favorite bug Jack?"

Jack-"Not a lady bug, they are too girly!"

Me-"Okay, what about a butterfly?"

Jack-"Naaaah, too flyeeeee." (he starts stressing his eee's as if we are having a serious conversation)

Me- "How about a Bumblebee?"

Jack- "No too Stingeeeey!" (good point)

Me-"An ant?"

Jack-"No too Biteeeeey."

Me-"A spider???"

Jack-"Nah, too spider webeeeey."

Me-"A slug??????"

Jack-"No, too slimeeeeey."

Me- "A beetle????????"

Jack- "Nope, too suck your blood out!" (what has he been watching?!?!!?)

So I start racking my brain for any type of cute bug...

Me-"Okay, how about a Roly Poly or a caterpillar???!!!?"

Jack- "Naaaaah, too BORING!"

(My guess is he doesn't like bugs all that much.)

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