Friday, June 6, 2008

Blogs Away!

Well I am starting a new blog. I fear my page title might be a bit deceiving. I'll admit I was trying to sound kind-of cool and interesting...I think that's just in my own head though! This isn't my first blog. I started an online diary regarding our church plant, The Light House.

I was inspired by a long, lost friend to start this one to chronicle all the aspects of my life. A place to post my favorite pictures, rants, raves, and especially tell stories about my kids who I think are brilliant! (What mom doesn't?)

I need a place to record the moments I want to keep forever in my memories because I am sadly seeing that with the craziness of my days and all the things I have to remember many of the precious moments have slipped away forever.

I want to be able to remember times like a few weeks ago when my 4 year old Jackson was learning the story of Moses being put in a basket and sent away. When we asked him questions to see how much he retained from the story (usually not much!), my husband said "now who was put into the basket?" Jackson proudly exclaimed "Carlos!" (He also said Moses' sister's name was Grilo...)

Here's to remembering the important things!

1 comment:

Melody said...

Are you talking about me?? If not, that's ok, but I am so glad you started a blog. Your kids are so cute and your girl looks so much like you!
I'll be checking back soon!