Friday, June 27, 2008

Blog came out my nose!!!

The other Sunday we were driving to church and I was drinking my obsession, diet coke. We were listening to a Christian cd and my son asked if the song was about Jesus. I told him yes it was.
He then replied, "I love Jesus!"
"Aww," I thought. He's finally getting it!
Then he added, "He's cute!!!"

Unfortunately, he said it just as I was taking a large sip of soda, which I proceeded to choke on and spit all over my husband's sermon notes!! SO then of course my husband held the soggy sermon notes up for the congregation to see and told them the story!

(Picture: A break from performing "The Necklace" in Bermuda )


Jacquie said...

And we all had a good laugh about it and also got a window into your lives...and the blessing of knowing...1 that your life is much like our own...and 2 that Jesus has a sense of humor as well!

Ames said...

i told nana about this one this morning (as well as 'animal crappers') and we almost had a repeat snarfing of beverages. I MISS JACKSON!! we bonded right at the end of my trip last time when i picked him up to hug him and realized he wasn't wearing pants or underwear. *sigh* :) i think the fact that i brought him a car also helped...

Jeff and Zakiya said...! i love that story!